Linux Server Support

KySec set up next generation Dedicated Linux Server for our clients. A dedicated Linux server is the best ideal solution for larger enterprise. Our dedicated Linux server is most powerful and efficient which have high traffic capability and overall flexibility. We usually set up dedicated Linux server with maximum customization and configuration.

Web Server

KySec made Web Server setting easy and affordable for all clients. We made the way to connect your enterprise with World Wide Web. We give you the full power by the easiest control panel. Our set up Web Server allow you one-click installation, fastest load page and ultimate high performance. We fell produce to give you 99.9% uptime guarantee.

  • Apache
  • Nginx + php-fpm+ reverse proxy
  • Lighttpd
  • Tomcat

Mail Server

It is high time to take control of your inbox. KySec setup and maintain the add-free, minimalist and clean mail server with stunning features. Our specialty on delivering an end to end solution at the same time providing collaboration services and secures email.

  • Zimbra
  • MS Exchange
  • Postfix
  • Qmail
  • iRedMail
  • Sendmail

FTP Server

The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is the standard network protocol that is used to transfer computer files between the client and the server on a computer network. We provide service of FTP server which is a secure, easy to use and rich figured.

  • Vsftpd
  • Proftpd
  • Pureftpd

DNS Server

It is the right time to your business to take theadvantage of most secure and globally available DNS service.In addition, Our DNS server can usewith any registrar, with any domain name registered.KySecis serving the most cost-effective and high-performance of DNS services.

  • Local DNS
  • Public DNS

Database Server

Data are the digital assets of your enterprise. So take care of your data and make the best use of your data by creating strong database than store your data. KYSEC is setup and maintain with deep expertise that you need for MySQL, MariaDB and MS SQL Server environments.

  • Mysql
  • MariaDB
  • PerconaDB
  • Postgresql

Monitoring Server

Our monitoring tool can use to check for any problems caused by crashed servers or overloaded, network connections and other devices.KySec monitoring server services not only provide information on the health condition of your servers, but they also include the alerting capabilities, performance bench marking, data visualizations, detailed reporting, etc. to keep your network and website running smoothly.

  • Nagios
  • MRTG
  • LogWatch
  • Login Alerts
  • Email & SMS Alerts

Web Applications

KYSEC is the best web application development company that focused on the change; the way our clients usually think about the web. Our web applications are user-focused, business-driven and highly innovative. We are offering a proven and amazing way of designing the web applications.

  • Wordpress
  • Drupal
  • Magento
  • CS-Cart
  • Piwik
  • Other PHP applications

Authentication Server

Authentication process identify of users and system that processes are proved or verified. KYSEC setup and maintain the best Authentication server that involves transporting, remembering and making identity information of various components into your system when that information is needed.

  • LDAP
  • Samba
  • Active Directory

Support System

KySec feel proud to have such a support system that work without sleeping. Considering clients convenient,   we provide various types of support system that technically or verbally solve any problem facing by our clients. It’s our pleasure to serve more than better service.

  • WHMCS Setup
  • Ticket System
  • News letters

Load Balancing and Clustering

Load balancing happen when multiple independent servers have same setup, but those are unaware of each others. We offer load balancer to forward requests to one server. Clustering is increasing the fault tolerance of a system by allowing or removing nodes from service without obstructing system operation.

  • Heartbeat
  • HA Proxy
  • AWS Load Balancing

Caching System

KySec set up super speed cache store that increase your application working performance of network. It is so effective because most app use same instructions and data again and again. Choose your best Caching system from our category.

  • Varnish
  • CDN
  • Nginx
  • Squid
  • Redis
  • Memcache